Tips for director of engineering interviews.

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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming director of engineering interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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CM in North Dighton, Massachusetts

111 months ago

If you got the interviw you probabaly got the qualifications for the job. What the people who are hiring want to hear about is your commitment to excellence.To many engineering departments have been run by pot belly crude men who feel that other departments within a building just interfere with what engineering needs to do. You need to let the interviewer know that you and the department are part of a team.
Here are some other helpfull tips

Explain your past experiences in improving an engineering department.

How you would measure performance and how you would improve it

Emphasise your comitment to customer service. Engineering is a support deparment sevicing visitors and employees a like

I hope this helps .. I have been in healthcare Facility management for sevral years. I have been offered just about every job I have applied for by touching on these key issues

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Doug in Jacksonville, Florida

95 months ago

I believe that in addition to simply "being prepared" it would be a good idea to research on the interviewing practices of the subject companies.
You do not want to be in a situation like this guy,,83.0.html
Some engineering companies have a certain way of interviewing and if you can find out exactly how they actually do conduct their interviews, you are in good shape.
Otherwise, the standard introductions then resume review then question and answer type of interview will work for you most of time.

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rousca in Jacksonville, Florida

81 months ago

What do you doi if they are not paying you enough for your new position of Director of Engineering?

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Gazza in Hanoi, Vietnam

62 months ago

rousca in Jacksonville, Florida said: What do you doi if they are not paying you enough for your new position of Director of Engineering ?

Well if its a new position its probably a bit late to start negotiating now. I assume you accepted the terms. However if the job or job description provided to you is clearly inaccurate then you may be able to negotiate. In my experience your new employer will want to be sure first of your capabilities especially if you have a probationary period. So such discussions should be delayed until your permanent appointment is confirmed. If your worth the money and your employer recognises that then re negotiation on salary is easier. However if you remain clearly unsatisfied with the terms and conditions its time to reconsider, rarely will an employee be happy or perform to the best of their ability if they are not satisfied with key components of their employment package.

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