bad report on D.A.C.

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Cricket in Loganville, Georgia

65 months ago

I've been driving trucks since 1980 with no accidents. Out of curiosity I applaid for a DAC report because I had resently been turned down for a job. After getting my DAC report, I found that it contained reports where two different compaines reported I was involved in an accident. I called both companies and they both said that nothing should have been on my reports I had a clean record with both. I called DAC (Hireright) and told them. I had to file a dispute with DAC and I'm still trying to clear this matter.---Driver's, PLEASE get a copy of your DAC report and see what's on it.

sideeffects in Manning, South Carolina

59 months ago

i've been told by a few companies that everything looked okay,then when i called back i was told by the recruiter that i was a no go,and that they weren't told the reason(s) why.I was told at one company that your only allow 25 points on your mvr dac (not your driver license)and if you do, a lot of companies because of insurance will not hire you.

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