getting a good job

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freddie anderson in Norfolk, Virginia

97 months ago

what are some things i should have in order to be a top canidate for an electrical/ electronic job? i am comming out of the military and im trying to set myself up for good job oppurtunities.

Matt Plebani in Temperley, Argentina

89 months ago

Hey Freddie, I represent ATS and we are looking for technitians and i would be interested in getting your resume.

My email is

broadwater12 in Edgewood, Maryland

78 months ago

I have my Electrical Certificate from Delaware Skill Center 1998 I have been working in the electrical feild for many years I worked in residental most of my career, commerical look in to all feilds of electric and make sure you have knowledge skill and ablity task in your resume that is what get you the JOBS

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