Interviewing with another Executive Assistant in the Company

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Treebietree in Boston, Massachusetts

78 months ago

Thank you Displaced! This is a big help! My interviews are today and I'm hoping all goes well. I'm trying to get into a GREAT company and all the help I can get is appreciated! :)

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Small Town near Big Town in Raleigh, North Carolina

77 months ago

Treebietree in Boston, Massachusetts said: Hi All! I need some help please....I've been out of work since May 2009 and had an interview with a staffing recruiter and have now been invited back to interview again. This time, I will be interviewing with two fellow Executive Assistants in the company.

There are two questions that I haven't asked and found out would have saved me alot of grief. You have to be careful with these. I have worked usually temp to hire positions to "feel out" the job. Two of the four were jobs described did not equal job hired for.

1) Why is this position available? Was the person promoted, job description changed, new position?

2) Is there a job description for this position? This can be a very delicate question to ask, ie, if there is no job description-you don't know what is expected of you (goals?), what your duties are, and if no thought has been put forward for a description, the job may not have been cleared.

Also, be sure to have backup as to how you are keeping your skills current, what your strengths really are, what benefits you bring to company, and a weakness that will not impede productivity.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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Just got my break, in Glens Falls, New York

70 months ago

All I can say is be yourself, be positive and confident, when they ask you if you have any questions (even if they have answered them) have one ready, don't forget to tell them that you are the solution they are looking for in filling this position and that you are deeply interested in this position. FYI, don't talk about climbing the corporate ladder because that could be a deal breaker due to the fact most employers want you to remain and ex. ad. asst. but grow within the depth of that position (not out of that position). Be confident that most interviewers won't be able to give you a very detailed description of the position due to the ever changing needs of the executive - be willing to learn and do just about anything - be fearless.

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