executive assistant with an MBA?

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Maria in Canoga Park, California

76 months ago

I am a recent MBA graduate and I am hoping to get a job as an executive assistant. I have been an administrative assistant for over 6 years. Will my degree stand in my way? Thank you so much for your feedback!

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EANYC in Newark, New Jersey

20 months ago

Absolutely it will! I have an bachelors in economics. My luck is no matter what job I would apply for they would always turn it into some sort of administrative hybrid (i.e. Financial Analyst/Admin, Data Analyst/Admin). So I got my MBA (& a MS in Accounting) so I would be taken seriously and after when I would show up to the interview and they realized there would be some red-tape to adding the ".../admin" I wouldn't get the job. So eventually I dropped the MBA (all grad degrees actually) off my resume and I was hired as an EA within a week. Of course like a dope I told them months after being hired of my graduate degrees so now I am an Investor Relations Executive Assistant. I produce all the shareholder reports etc. but if anyone asks I am the secretary.

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Linda in Farmington, Michigan

20 months ago

Not necessarily. You just need to be clear on why it will help you in your role and be able to communicate that. For example, completing your MBA has led you to have a better understanding of the role of the Director you are supporting and that you have a unique set of skills designed to help this Director. Go into detail as to why, but be sure to stress somehow that you are serious about the EA role and your place in the company. Don't approach with an eliteist attitude about the MBA or what you can do for the company, because it's the Director who will be directly benefitting from your working there. Does that make sense? Hope so.
Please don't go down the path of not mentioning your degree. It is definitely a differentiator for you and that's a good thing!

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