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Leila in Rego Park, New York

72 months ago

To all employers posting open positions:

1. When you contact a candidate by telephone and do not like what the answers you receive, do not tell the person “I have an urgent call on the other line, I will call you right back”. Candidates are not stupid. Use your common sense and intelligence, and open your conversation with “I am conducting a short telephone interview; if selected you will be called/emailed on Friday to set up a face to face interview.” While we understand you have a large pool of candidates, we are not stupid, and common courtesy defines you as an employer and your company’s image.

2. An Executive Assistant is just what it is. A glorified babysitter. They make appointments, maintain calendars, are the right hand of the CEO, handle correspondence, review documents, maintain confidentiality, etc. IT DOES NOT MATTER which industry they have previously worked in. Hedge funds and financial companies seem to be convinced that they need Executive/Administrative Assistants with financial background. Unless the person you are hiring is mentally challenged, this belief is completely erroneous.

3. DO NOT insult us with $8, $10, $12, $15 per hour rates. When a NYC rent is at least $1,200, these rates are insulting. Wishing you luck in finding a qualified, educated individual for those rates.

4. Employment agencies - please stop posting and re-posting the same position, calling people in with the promise of positions that you do not have. While we understand that some of you have quotas to fill, some of us cannot afford to spend time and money on a worthless trip into the city.

5. NO, we do not click on Apply Here links. With all the identity theft cases these days, we are less than excited about the idea of our personal information finding its way into the grubby hands of someone who will apply for a few credit cards on our name.

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Leila in Rego Park, New York

72 months ago


6. DO NOT ask for pictures, post your interest for a female admin only, or for a young person, etc. It is sexist and discriminatory. As is a request for GPA and a “top-notch university”. Not all of us can afford an expensive education which does not automatically defines us as less qualified.

7. “Must present a professional image”. This is one of the most used, least intelligent statements an employer can use. Anyone looking for employment will not be presenting at your office in less than professional attire. Birthday suit will definitely not do.

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noname in Astoria, New York

67 months ago

ha ha these are all great and i agree with all! NY sucks and being an assistant sucks!

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transplatedagainthankstolayoffs in Kansas City, Missouri

61 months ago

I was an EA/Office Manager in NYC before moving back to the Midwest. I enjoyed my work tremendously. I ended up getting an EA job for a global company later and also enjoyed the position. My NY position I learned allot from my boss, and was able to use that experience in my new one.

having now been laid off once again, I DO find it hard to find the jobs that we do for the money we deserve. The problem lies with the fact that everyone is looking. They know they can get a hungry person for less. Thatis where I have my issues now. I was offered a position that was 3 or 4 in one - for the price of less than one. Its going around. The highest people are willing to offer now is $15 or maybe $32K when i was making over 12K more here in this area just 9 months ago. Its the economy. It IS also the recruiters that look at us as a number - not people.

I wish I could start my own employment service. I would do things different. My largest complaint is that the follow up is lacking. I interview one or two times, with the same people and do not get any call backs. I understand they want me to call - but dont push me off for another day. I am an adult and if you are not interested - please just say it. I dont need to waste a call time on calling over and over again when you say "call back Monday", when its the same blow off. I find it rude. Thats my beef. that we are people, not cattle.

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