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What are typical financial analyst salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

Jeff in Boise, Idaho

92 months ago

Just got an entry level financial analyst position making 35K. That is for Boise, Idaho, so salary will change with demographics.

J. in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

83 months ago

I graduated college in 2003 and I'm making $70k as a senior financial analyst.

S in Austin, Texas

83 months ago

I received my BBA in Finance in 2004 and my MBA in 2006. I make $78,000 a year and I'm at the high end of the scale. Started off as an accountant making $33,000 a year. Got into a financial analysis role where I did very well and my salary sky rocketed.

Skills-learn Excel inside out and backwards. V-lookup, Pivot tables, if statements, graphs, complex formulas. Unfortunately, it's hard to learn these things in a class. I had great mentors along the way who have helped me. And I've read some people complain about not having enough to do as a financial analyst. If you don't have work to do-make work for yourself by looking for areas that can be improved. Present them to your manager.

r in Gilroy, California

80 months ago

I just graduated in May with a BS Bus Admin (Finance) and I got offered a position as a financial analyst for the fixed assets team at my company. I will be making 46k base salary with a 8% target bonus.

JF in Baltimore, Maryland

76 months ago

I am Sr analyst with MBA (graduated in 1999) . I am highly proficientin Excel and Access, some SQL etc. I make $75K

Mark in Sugar Land, Texas

65 months ago

for you guys making $70k plus, what do your average bonus look like?

Elias in San Jose, California

41 months ago

Do any of you financial analyst have any advice for us graduating seniors looking to become financial analyst?

MOETAR in Gaborone, Botswana

35 months ago


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