How does help you find a job.

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Lamar Brooks in Saint Louis, Missouri

70 months ago

I've been looking for a job on this website for months and no one has called me back uet, i'm really thinking about deleting my account.

Latona in Akron, Ohio

70 months ago

I have been looking for a job for along time and ,I did get some emails But no job, But am going to keep on trying, untill I get one.

rfsemrau in Royal Oak, Michigan

70 months ago

Try Craigslist for local employment. Ads are free to place so many employers use that site.

67 months ago

I have been checking on this account since June and not yet has somebody called or e-mailed. I have sent several appls out but I know it is because of my age,just because someone is older they will not hire.

I have had over 20years of restaurant,bars, private country club and severa certificates.

What is going on ?

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