Forklift Operator pay & i need a forklift job too

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Doug in Rosemount, Minnesota

100 months ago

Hi everyone, Im a very old forklift operator. I started out with a pay of 7.25 an hour. That was 20yrs ago, now i make around 20.00. Please dont get mad that your pay is low it may be a very nice paying job. Do to, what state u live in, Type of industrial work, or even if its in wairhouse work "wairhouse dont pay to well" but fun and eazy job. If your looking for a higher paying job.

To improve your pay. Learn: all differnt type of forklifts,Get forklift certified!. Get training in loading-unloading truck "flatbed, boomtrucks, an Trailers". Get some background in shipping an recieving big plus. If u can hang around the people that do invitory work on the computer find what programs ther using and see if they will teach you how it run it and do the work. Tha is where u will get a nice pay incress and promossions at!! After that its just up to the employer to see what your worth to them 8(.

But now im in the same boat as all of u looking for a new job. quite my old one. Im using what i said up top and i have gotten some nice offers around my last pay. So keep your head up. Dont stop trying.

An driving around, look at the cars in the parking lot. If lots of nice clean cars an trucks. Then there pay is high. Old or lots of rundown one's may not be a good place to look at but allways poke your noise in there might hit the big one of pay.

Sineraly doug,
P.S hopw we all get the dream jobs we what. May god and nice company help us out.

David Marr

100 months ago

Hi my name is David Marr i now how to drive a the sit down forklift but not the stand up forklift.My old job that i was working at post to teach me how to drive the stand up forklift. I am not certified for the forklift but i would like to be certified for the forklift. in Seattle, Washington

64 months ago

caroline johnson in Baltimore, Maryland said: I can operate almost every lift truck there is, thank you, for your email, and I wish you luck in your finding you another lift position, I'm not an enployer, I have a desire for lift truck position myself. So good luck.

I live in Seattle and I need to know what kind of forklift they use to lift those big shipping conainers are called?. THANKS.

Brandon Krause in Danville, Illinois

60 months ago

Well I took your advise and applied online. Whether or not they get back to me is another question. Sounds interesting to work over there.

rajeev in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

46 months ago

my name rajeev i am got only forklift license i driving in 4 years i have no certificate i have interest to working in uk usa how i can get it pls help

syzabc in Fort Campbell, Kentucky

45 months ago

if you are a very old operator,pze go relax,no more work

Sitaram sahani in Richmond, Australia

45 months ago

With Regard, Dear sir / madam now i am working with NATO in kandhar, Afghanistan 12 Hr, duty every day no weekly off i am operating up to 30k and crane also. how maney need you more duty more then 12 hr ? with regard sahani sitaram

Sitaram sahani in Richmond, Australia

45 months ago

Dear Sir / Madam i have 31 years experiance and still working with NATO in afghanistan Dyncorp intl. 12 hr. duty every day no off day and operating up to 30k fork lift. with respect. thank you

NITEHILOMAN in Old Bridge, New Jersey

19 months ago

I've been driving forklifts for over 35 years. Sit down propane,electric,single forks,double forks,bale clamps and stand up narrow isle reach and anywhere I worked bosses were impressed with my work. No accidents and can drive circles around some of the forklift drivers I worked with. I was making $21.50 an hour until my place closed down. Now they pay $8-$13 an hour,$13 being high and don't need much experience if none at all. I guess companies don't care how much damage is done by inexperienced forklift drivers.

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