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Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming graphics designer interview?

Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

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StJames in Houston, Texas

128 months ago

Howdy from Texas,
My name is StJames and I have found that I have a million and one to ask but fail to cause of nervousness of not being to pushing with a ton of questions
The most common interview question that I have found They ask is...

"Do you have any questions?"

That is where the first one should be, "Whom am I replacing and Why?"

Most places I have seen if they have their in house graphic artist they have been there for a long time years and years (24 to one or 7 to 8 at others) and have no chance in leaving unless death or the other had to move away. The last job I replaced a girl the could not file anything and the plate files were a total mess in the POS graphic shop. The in-house forms all needed revamping to make the better looks and easier to fax.

The next question that should be asked is,
"Who is training me in your system?"

The girl that left me the mess also gave me a 20 training and then ran out the door for her new job after spending the rest of the time running around saying bye to everyone. I had a hard time with learning how they did everything that those mistakes cost me my latest job.

The biggest one to ask

"When is payday", I went three weeks wondering who was to pay me and when cause the lady that hired me ran off for her wedding and left someone else in charge but no one told me.
These are just a start of what should be known right up front before excepting the job. Sometimes their answer might make your mind up about if you want to tackle that job or not.

Anytime - StJames

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