Is HR job in retail a good place to start?

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tabloodsaw in Jersey City, New Jersey

44 months ago

I am currently switching careers, from legal, to HR and I wanted to know if I should start in retail. I understand that the hours would be varied and plenty but am desperate to get a start. What are the downfalls of starting in retail? I figure some of the retailers would be amenable to someone like me with little experience in the field. My short term goals are in labor relations, given my legal background, or a generalist position.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Helper123 in Hyattsville, Maryland

40 months ago

I absolutely would not recommend retain.. unless it is in the corporate offices.

bjdm421 in Saint Martinville, Louisiana

39 months ago

I agree with Helper123, retail is not the place for a true HR. The idea of retail is to allow the HR professional to have a 'title' associated with HR but in reality the operation engages the HR pro into sharing other duties such as cashier, stocking, etc.

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