How do I become an HHA in the state of Florida?

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Ariel Fishburn in Tampa, Florida

37 months ago

Attend a course in Florida that offers an HHA program and complete at least 75 hours of training. This isn't a requirement to become an HHA for all HHA agencies, but it will help you improve your chances of obtaining HHA employment. Call the public vocational technical school or private career education school in your area to see if they offer hha courses.

Volunteer for a home healthcare agency in your area. Your tasks could involve accompanying an HHA on a job, preparing an HHA's resources or doing administrative work. Volunteering will give you valuable experience that is attractive to an employer.

Compose a resume that details your academic and professional background in home healthcare.

Apply to a home healthcare agency or nurse registry with your resume and proof of training. If you've completed at least 75 hours of training, the agency will ask you to complete a competency evaluation, which is usually a written and verbal test. A nurse registry requires that you provide documentation of successful completion of at least 40 hours of training.

I found that was an affordable and easy way to attain your goal. I suggest you check them out. Good Luck!

Taylor made in White Plains, New York

36 months ago

Be careful of HHA Training online. They aren't always legit

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