Don't think I can work as a CNA/HHA one more

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Anonymous in Wayne, Pennsylvania

43 months ago

I am a nursing student (BSN) with 2 years to go. Have worked on/off as CNA/HHA for over 10 years. Sorry to admit this, but I am finally "burned out". I am sick of the abuse from agencies, the clients, and their families. I am sick of the slave wages, no benefits, and lack of respect. I am sick of not being treated as a professional, but more like a maid/housekeeper. I am sick of being lied to about assignments, and being sent to homes that should be condemned by the board of health, where families should be reported for no food, heat, AC in the hot summers, abuses and neglect. I am tired of dealing with elderly patients with advanced Alzheimer's that are up night and day, incontinent every hour, raging and throwing things at me. I have had some good experiences with elder care, but sadly I have come to the conclusion that it it NOT what I enjoy.

I am sorry this sounds harsh--and I just had a very bad night again, been up for 30 hours straight with a dementia patient that wanders her home all night and pees all over the carpets. I realize there are many other aspects of patient care in nursing and God, I hope to find one soon.

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Anonymous in Wayne, Pennsylvania

43 months ago

Oh, I forgot. I am not your family or your Mom/Dad's/Grandma's verbal and physical punching bag. I'm tired of babysitting your kids, grandkids, cleaning up after them, and cooking for them, too. And while I'm on a roll here, thanks for complaining/criticizing everything I do, since you apparently can do it better. Then perhaps YOU'D LIKE TO DO IT? Didn't think so. Thnaks for visiting your loved one once a year, staying the minimum possible, and never returning my calls when there is an emergency, question, or status update. Thanks for DOING THE MINIMUM for YOUR "loved one". I have seen dogs treated better by their owners. Thanks also for paying me 3 weeks late (and you still owe me another week from last month) though I see you weren't able to visit Dad because of your trip to Hawaii. I would have called but I couldn't pay my cell bill and it got SHUT OFF. THANKS!!!

I cannot wait to leave here ASAP, and I'm NOT coming back. Good bye, GOOD LUCK.

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HHA in Sycamore, Illinois

21 months ago

Wait for it, wait for it .... wait for your back to be trashed, your feet to be elephant size each night, wait for the nightmare that reoccurs on waking up and knowing you have to go to work and replay the same dreary, underpaid and overworked job again and again. If you are lucky maybe you will be able to zone out and numb the pain by pretending you are not there.

If you are a CNA or thinking about becoming one you might want to hear from others who already have the job, at a CNA forum ( tiredofbeingacna ), it’s not at all what they tell you it’s going to be, it's a lot worse.

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