Questions about Sports Authority Asset Protection Area Agent position.

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the Vic in San Jose, California

98 months ago

So this position sounds like a store level AP manager. Is this a correct assessment? What is the company's AP structure/ladder, from lowest to highest? Does anybody have any idea what the going pay rate for this position is?

Thanks for any feedback you can give.

RGar in Tucson, Arizona

98 months ago

I use to work AP for Sports Authority. The lowest level is an Area Agent. I was the only only AP associate for a collection of stores in my area, and would just be a different stores for different shifts, depending on certain things. The position isn't a management position, but you would report to a District AP Manager. As for pay, it should definitely be over $10 an hour, and the added benefits and bonuses were nice.

My biggest complaint was the lack of other AP personel and the company's lack of using any decent CCTV. So if you won't get lonely and can produce excellent numbers via 100% floor observation (by yourself), then go for it.

mark in Tomball, Texas

82 months ago

Hello, i am thinking about going to work for this company as an area agent. Could you tell me anything you know about there apprehension policy. is it hands off, do they allow handcuffs, where can you stop someone?

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