Top maintenance supervisor skills needed to get the job.

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What are the top 3 traits or skills every maintenance supervisor must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your maintenance supervisor expertise?

Daniel Marin

87 months ago

Buen trato con sus supervisados. Hacer un buen equipo de trabajo con sus supervisados para poder rendir la mejor produccion posible. Darle un buen servicio a los inquilinos si trabajas en un complejo de apartamentos. El buen trato, expresion de cariño y respeto hacia los demas le da prestigio al complejo o compañia donde trabajas.
En resumen ser una persona cortes, atenta, leal, honesta, confiable, respetuosa y sobre todo temerosa de Dios.

Mr. Maintenance Man in Detroit, Michigan

80 months ago

Well to begin with you should work for a company that has good property managers and regionals employed within the company, if you work for a manager thats an butthole and dosent want to see his/her employes make decent pay they will be buttholes and not recommend that you get a raise or pay increase, so first thing first is do your homework on the company you plan on working for.

Laid-off Supervisor in Niagara Falls, Ontario

40 months ago

1st always remember that maintenance workers are a service to all other departments , and every department's request is first priorty which then makes you learn how to juggle your workers.
2nd give your workers repect and you will get the jobs done along with respect being returned from your team.
3rd is always make sure they know that you are the leader and will stick up for them if they are correct ,along with the disipline approach if needed.
This makes a well rounded teamwork effort to get things done along with pleasing you with their efforts

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