I can change myself but not the past

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johnnylightnin20@*****.*** in Winter Park, Florida

79 months ago

I have seen my share of trouble and made alot of it for myself but last year I made the decision to change and I now have over 1 year of sobriety. But I still have the felonies on my record and getting work is tough. Today I was almost hired as a maintenance tech. but that old past still haunts me. No job!! But I'm still sober a still looking for that special Company that believes people do change and believe in giving a man a second chance. I have exstensive skills in carpentry, drywall (all phases), metal framing, decking, iron work and mant other residential and commercial construction skills.

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C-Town in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

79 months ago

Congradulations on your sobriety.I am in the same boat as far as making mistakes in my past which is keeping me from getting a great job. Dont give up. Seek your Higher Power and pray and ask for patience,comfort,and strenght.He who believes is always Rewarded.I am a great multi-craft maintenance tech myself. You are in my prayers,keep me in yours. GOOD LUCK.

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Maintenancemark in Vancouver, Washington

78 months ago

Its great you got sober, however if Residential Maintenance is what you are wanting to do, you will have to get your Contractors License and go into business yourself. You have to be easily insurable before anybody will pick u up. You are asking them to trust you going into their residents homes. Lots of times without them being there, so if you have any theft or assult related charges, forget it. Also your soberity I would keep to yourself. If you don't have at least 2 or 3 years behind you, you may get looked at, but they will automatically assume you are going to fail. It sucks, but don't forget for every Maintenance Ap you turn in, there's 10 other guys without all the baggage wanting the same gig you just applied for.
Sorry man, but Maintenance probally isn't going to be a great thing for ya.
Good luck

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Ty in Phoenix in Phoenix, Arizona

67 months ago

Nobody is going to let you g in and out of people's apartments all day as a maintenance tech, with a felony conviction. The liability is too great. That path is closed to you, but when one door is closed, another door opens. If you are handy and good with tools and your hands, then get some technical training in a mechanical feild where you work in a shop all day fixing stuff, not where you have to go into people's domiciles. Good luck and God bless you for trying to be a better man...

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