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82 months ago

i have 30 years plus in maintenance and electrical work. what do you think people looking for someone think about hiring a 60 year old?

jose rodriguez in Orlando, Florida

81 months ago

i think they are looking for responsiblity and expiearence and dependeble person

Unemployed Property Manager in West Palm Beach, Florida

81 months ago

I'm 64 and gave up looking for a job. To be honest no one wants someone over 60! Try small property management companies. They might hire someone in a 55+ community. They like maintenance people around that age. Good luck

gerrit verheij in zeeland, Michigan

81 months ago

dont you guys know they want the young guys so they can to perform to there ways we are to set in our ways and technolegy is to far over our heads these days

joe in Leominster, Massachusetts

81 months ago

they dont want to hire older more experienced maintenance people because they can
get cheaper and younger help. with a 50+ maintenance man they know we are only
good to them for a few more years. its not that we are set in our ways. i am up
to date on all forms of maintenance but why settle for a 55 year old when you
can get a 25 year old for dirt cheap and work him like a dog. these days they
want someone who speaks SPANISH and is cheap. OLD DIRTY WHITE MAINTENANCE MEN
NEED NOT APPLY!!!! Sorry but its the truth.

AR in Somerset, Pennsylvania

79 months ago

I am looking for a maintenanceman/building manager in Dayton Ohio, seniors please respond. I am looking for someone with experience and not affraid to take charge in a challenging environment. Please contact me at 814.701.4225.

franklin cobb in Weatherford, Texas

79 months ago


patrick in Las Vegas, Nevada

78 months ago

I am currently the maintenance super for a multi family complex in las vegas,354 units I am 55 and to be honest these young bucks have no clue what they are doing.They lack customer service skills,all they know how to do remove and replace,they run when there is a plumbing leak,they will tell you during a job interview that they are skilled with a/c and heating . right ,hand them a set of guages and the first thing they want to do is add freon.never stop to see why the pressures are low.I'll be heading back to pa. in the near future to work independently. quite frankly I am tired of trying to share my skills and knowledge with these caracters.las vegas is full of maintenance positions,most pay well just be prepaired to work with a lot of people that say they can do the job but don't have a clue

Curt Professional Maintenance Tech in Port Hueneme, California

77 months ago

Yes, the over 50 crowd with lots of experience has the double edged sword of knowledge versus wage. Many are right that most companies are looking for "good" skills, but moldable to the environment that the company has. In todays market with the economy sagging, the companies are looking for "perfect" fit because of the glut in labor available, problem being that the definition of perfect varies from company to company. I'm 52, have 25 years in the industrial maintenance field, it's been my lifes work, but yet the few companies that have interviewed me are only offering wages suited for someone with only 2 or 3 years experience. Thus far, its been better financially to stay on unemployment versus accepting a low paying job, How sad. I would be much happier working and be productive, sharing knowledge with younger "kids". But until the job market turns around to be less employer controlled, the likelyhood of the elder statesman seems slim for the immediate future.

George Wade in Houston, Texas

76 months ago

No matterter the trade,the employee will always favor the younger worker,whether skilled or unskilled.The investment in youth will out-weigh the well seasoned tradesman who has the vast knowledge and skill and still can produce at the company level of success.

David Stokes in Fort Worth, Texas

70 months ago

George Wade in Houston, Texas said: No matterter the trade,the employee will always favor the younger worker,whether skilled or unskilled.The investment in youth will out-weigh the well seasoned tradesman who has the vast knowledge and skill and still can produce at the company level of success.

Hello maintenance guru's.Can anyone enlighten me on why I am having a hard time finding a job as an Industrial Maintenance Technician in DFW Texas of all places where industry is pretty healthy. I have been here less than a month and I have applied for like every suitable job on ALL the websites as soon as they post. Even the so called "Veterans Only" jobs on the state employment site. Im beginning to realize that alot of them are posted by temps and is not a surprise that I have no luck with them. Well here are a few of my qualifications:

1) I recently graduated with a COLLEGE DIPLOMA for GOD's SAKE in Industrial Maintenance Technology from a community college and I am for damn sure alot of the technicians especially the old guys out here never had college. A college diploma is the same amount of credit hours as an Associates Degree.

2) Army Veteran 8yrs.

The only thing working against me is my lack of on the job experience. But I had to ajust my resume accordingly and thats all I will say about that. I feel I obtained state of the art hands on training in college to be a qualified technician as well as engineering level study of the technology.

Any of you old technicians who are lucky to have their foot in the door please reply because I am highly frustrated and I do have student loans to be paid back for actually going to college

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