Career change from design to marketing

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designer in New York, New York

61 months ago

Hi all,

I am a graphic designer with 5 years design experience. I've always worked in the marketing dept. supporting the brand managers/marketing directors/marketing managers. Along with my design experience I have a BA in graphic design & post graduate studies in advertising & branding from School of Visual Arts.

After 2 years of looking for a job with no success I am ready to hang up my design boots and pursue a new career. I have always, in a way, enjoyed marketing. I don't think it's that drastic of a career leap which will hinder me from advancing. I really want to do branding and eventually get my MBA. Does anyone think the design degree will be a hinderance to a marketing job? Any advice as to how I should pursue it? Anyone have ever switched from the creative industry to a more business setting?

Thanks to all who have replied.


David in Saint Louis, Missouri

40 months ago

Hey Joel, don't know if you'll get updates to this thread, but if so: Any news? Any updates?

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