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65 months ago

I have recently enrolled at the Institute of Technology for their Professional Medical Assistant Program. This is a 9 month program. After the program they pay for the CCMA-AC exam. I don't understand the difference between the CCMA-AC exam and the CMA exam.....which would be better for job searching? I can't take the CMA Exam because it doesn't look like I.O.T. is accredited for that exam.

I start Jan. 19th. Am I making a mistake?

Healthcare2011 in Long Beach, California

54 months ago

I'm wondering the same thing! Any answers people?

Garrett in Lemon Cove, California

40 months ago

the CCMA is california certified. and it looks like you are looking to be certifired in administrative and clinical specialties. Its harder in my opinon, and looks better on resumes. I just got mine last week!

Garrett in Lemon Cove, California

39 months ago

No it depends on what you get certified. To become a CCMA you must take at least the basic exam. I took the basic, administrative (front office), and clinical (back office) exams. To my understanding that's what most people do; it makes more sense to become certified in as many as possible. But to answer your question both CMA's and CCMA's can do front and back office work.

Peggy in Cameron Park, CA in El Dorado Hills, California

34 months ago

@ Snickers,
Why would the Institute of Tecnology pay for your CCMA-AC exam if they weren't an accredited school, and why if what you say is true did you choose to go to this school.
CCMA-C is Basic & Clinical Specialty
CCMA-A Basic and Administrative Specialty
CCMA-AC Basic and Both Specialties
CMA doe not require 2 years of study! Eligibilty requirements :
1. Currently employed as a medicval assistant by a licensed physician or podiatrist in the US,
2. Graduate of an accredited medical assisting program in the US or,
3 Have at least two years experience as a practicing medical assistant in the US within the 5 years immediately preceding your application.
Applicants for the CLINICAL specialty must provide proof of training in administering injections and performing skin tests, training in venipuncture and skin puncture for the purpose of withdrawing blood.
My recommendation is to take CCMA-AC. Predictions for California are that medical assistants will be required in another 5 years to be California Certified.

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