Medical Assistant Trying To Become A Physician Assistant~ Problem is...

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MA2PA in Moreno Valley, California

64 months ago

I graduated in Dec 2009 with an A.S. in Administrative and Clinical Medical Assisting but I'm having a hard time finding an externship or job. The jobs that I've seen require 1 or more years of experience. I've applied anyways.. with no luck. With externships I haven't been able to get one because I don't know enough Spanish... which I am working on. My ultimate goal is to become a PA. The school I'm going to has a PA program with a prerequisite of 2000 paid work hours (1yr). I was hoping MA would help.. If I want to get into the program as planned I need to find an MA job by September or should I consider going into nursing as a prerequisite? Would anybody know if there are sources in Riverside County for MA externships/jobs? I'm at a loss right now any information would help greatly. Thanks =]


64 months ago

Private Duty, Private Duty, Private Duty!!!!!! It is the best option I do live in for an 86 year old man and I get paid and bring in more than people that have their ASN. Plus I get a lot of experiance.

Cheryl in Buena Park, California

63 months ago

Did you find a job yet MA2PA?

Health_Cert in Atlanta, Georgia

63 months ago

MA2PA. Put an ad on craigslist stating that you are seeking externship. Give the specifics as to what you can provide and what you are looking for.

MAstudent in Modesto, California

34 months ago

Have you found anything yet? What school did you go to and did they help w/ finding an externship? Most MAs that I know were employed at their clinical site.

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