Medical assistant

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Lhe in Teaneck, New Jersey

34 months ago

Hi I became certified medical assistant last march, and I'm thinking how to earn my ceu. Does anybody know where to earn CEU and seminars to attend with out breaking my banks. I went to AMA website and every CEU u have to pay and it cost a lot of money, any help pls.
It's me, lhe

tea ali in New Jersey

32 months ago

Check your local AAMA chapter. The chapter for my area has had guest speakers come in and give talks on various topics, after the regular chapter meeting. The last meeting gave 2 CEU's, but it's 'something' and I didn't have to pay. You could also go to one of the conventions and rack up CEU's. I have never gone to a convention. I think there's a fee to go, but there are many speakers and some of the 'talks' offer CEU's to people who attend.

Rubeen Khatoon in San Jose, California

32 months ago

I am Rubeena Khatoon. I am Medical Assistant. I am looking job. I am sending my resume please look over my resume, and give chance work for you.



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