Mental health worker

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Sarika in South Richmond Hill, New York

94 months ago

I would like to be a mental health worker. Can anyone tell me exactly what kind of qualifications I need?
Thank u

REBECCA in Canton, Massachusetts

91 months ago


KW with an MSW in Kenosha, Wisconsin

90 months ago

Generally a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, Social Work and even Sociology. Some employers will even hire those with 1-2 years experience in the feild. But if you're going into the field for the money... U will be terribly disappointed unless u have an advanced degree or Doctorate degree.

CASSANDRA.MELTON in San Diego, California

87 months ago

I am already a mental health worker II looking for more information on the mentally ill so i can become a Phyc technician working with the crimely insane.

CASSANDRA.MELTON in San Diego, California

87 months ago


Tiffany F. in Detroit, Michigan

82 months ago

I currently have an associates in Mental Health/Social Work, and pursing my bachelor's. I'm having a hard time finding a job. If anyone knows anything please respond!

MissN in Fredericksburg, Virginia

46 months ago

I have a Master's in Psychology, and can't find a job. You MUST take a practicum if you want to gain the experience that is required along with the degree. You cannot count on the degree to get you a job.

As for working as a Psych Tech working with the criminally insane, good luck. Forensic hospitals usually hired doctoral graduates, psychiatric nurses. Psych Techs are orderlies, in a large sense. That's the impression I got from the want ads in California.

charlesking in Florissant, Missouri

40 months ago

Charles E. King
12807 Fox Haven Dr.
Florissant, Mo. 63033

Dear Sir or Madam:

In addition to my relevant experience working for the Behavior Health Industry, I also have superb interpersonal communication, organizational and leadership abilities. I am confident that I will make a significant contribution to your staff on an individual level as well as a team player and an increasingly important one in the years to come. What makes me different from other applicants?

Enthusiastic desire to learn and the willingness to persevere in all areas of job performance.
Exceptional written and oral communications abilities.
A skilled diplomatic approach to solving complaints, obtaining cooperation, support, and goodwill of fellow staff members and clients.
Perform well under pressure situations while maintaining a highly professional and concerned manner.
Cutting edge ability to utilize computer programs and Internet resources. Ensure tasks are done in an efficient & effective manner.
Excellent phone etiquette.
A passion to succeed and the ambition to achieve.
Believe in education and the importance of it!

I look forward to hearing from you within the week and would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to review my cover letter and resume.


Charles E. King

Fanci in Detroit, Michigan

33 months ago

Hi, I am about to receive an associates degree in Mental Health, and then attend a University for my BSW and MSW in Social Work. I was wondering if anyone knew where I can apply for a job when I receive my associates degree in Mental Health?

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