What are typical monitor technician salaries?

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Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

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el in Hopatcong, New Jersey

80 months ago

12-15 per hr

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jules in Reno, Nevada

76 months ago

start at $11.50 in reno.

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74 months ago

16 an hour ..

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Pat in Moreno Valley, California

66 months ago

Would being a former CCU RN and medical transcriptionist help me become a monitor tech?

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Pam in Modesto, California

64 months ago

Look, EKG Recognition is a 12 week course you can take at any hospital for about $60. If your lucky, they will hire you. Most hospitals dont have the need for more than a handful of monitor techs as there are only so many floors that have telemetry. My hospital has only 3 areas. The telemetry floor, the ICU and the Oncology floor. So only 3 per any given shift for the entire hospital. Its a tough job to get but an easy one if you like sitting for 12hrs a day.

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coco779@aol.com in Sun City, California

63 months ago

The ryhthms are not too difficult if you remember the shape and origin of each beat, whether atrial, ventricular, and there is a bit of measuring of the different complexes of the beat; P wave, QRS, ST-wave, etc, and then learning to discern changes in the rhythm, what is dangerous and what just needs to be watched. I was a CCU nurse for 15 years and EKGs are fascinating.

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Lisa in Baltimore, Maryland

3 months ago

jenna in Belmont, California said: the valley sucks big time when it comes to salary.

i don't agree with you about "a monitor tech is basically an uneducated person...blah,blah,blah." you still had to get some type of education ...right? education is getting tought something that you did not know before.

Neither do I agree, that monitor techs are uneducated. There's more to learning rhythms than a basic Ekg course. Trust me, I know all to well. I have worked with and trainef doctors waiting for residency. In the meantime, they work as monitor techs. Many of them are stumped when it comes to interpreting rhythms that didn't look exactly like pictures in books. Even many nurses dont know their rhythms, they also take a very basic course in rhythms while in Nursing School. Many of them don't know the difference between defibrillators and pacemakers or transcutaneous pacemakers.There are many rhythms that are not taught in these basic Ekg classes. I've also worked with techs that don't have a clue as to how the physiology of ekgs correlates with the actual rhythms,illnesses and medications. All they know is the very basic.In New York there are Monitor techs that make over $25 an hour, but you need to be state certified and pass national certification. There are also Associate degree programs that go more in depth with rhythms, invasive and non invasive. We have monitor techs with various Bachelor degrees and above, working as monitor techs. There are techs that know alot more and techs that really, only know the very basic, therefore will get basic pay!

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