night audit being exempt from penalty break pay?

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rosuttle in Cathedral City, California

45 months ago

i am working some night audit shifts at a 130 bed hotel. my boss just told me that
i am exempt from penalty break pay, when i think i should be getting paid that
one hour penalty. what's up?

Kenji_03 in Alameda, California

35 months ago

This is fairly common for hotels (especially "Budget Inns"). If you have at least 1 hour a night with nothing to do (or more), the excuse is that you are allowed a "working meal break" of sorts. So if you get a check-in during your break you have to pause your break to take care of them, but the time spent with them is added after you are done working again. Sure, you may not leave the property, but you may do anything you want (as long as guests do not see).

If you don't feel that's fair, you can take it up with an attorney but it's just something I've gotten use to working Audit:

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