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Lauren in Fallbrook, California

48 months ago

Hi All:
I am looking at LVN programs. I need one at a community college. I see city college of San Diego has one and so does miracosta college in Oceanside, though miracosta has a long wait (2 years or so last I heard). I need something that is part time. It can be a few days a week in the daytime, but has to be part time so I can still work part time to have some income. Any suggestions? I already have a BA and can't get financial aid, hence why I need a CC. Can you work part time and do the program? I am a single lady supporting myself and have to work, at least part time. For those of you who are already certified, what are your thoughts? I looked at RN programs, but they are all full time with long wait lists and to complete the program would be 2-3 years full time, plus pre-reqs and wait lists, so this is not an option. I could do a bridge program later. Thanks.

Unemployed in Oceanside in Oceanside, California

42 months ago

Lauren: I would suggest you look for a RN program instead of a LVN program. I just graduated from a LVN program this year and was licensed in VA & CA. Absolutely no jobs for LVN's here in CA for new graduates. I have been applying and sending resumes for over 3months now and haven't had any luck. Most LVN programs are full time and intense, You can probably work for the 1st 5-6 months of the program then would be very difficult on the latter part. Goodluck...unemployed in Oceanside.

Bryana Butler in Los Angeles, California

42 months ago


I would also suggest to go for RN. LVN's mostly work in clinics or nursing homes whereas an RN can work anywhere. LVN have more restricted placement because of the licensing requirements of certain facilities. LVN are not allowed to handle certain tasks like before nowadays limiting their reach. Good luck, hope this helps.

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