LVN Schools in San Francisco Bay Area

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Unitek in San Francisco, California

81 months ago

Noddy in San Francisco, California said: Hello. I'm looking for a good LVN school in San Francisco Bay Area. Public schools like CCSF are good but I need to get in LVN course asap. Does anyone know any good private schools?


Get in touch with Unitek College in fremnot. They are good

Rochelle in Los Altos, California

80 months ago

What Unitek campus is better as far with great teachers? Fremont or Santa Clara?

josefina in San Francisco, California

79 months ago

Is same school for LVN in San Francisco, out than CCSF. Private school

Student in Fremont, California

77 months ago

Yes, Unitek College in fremont or Sanat clara are good.Visit thema dn they shallet you know.

TiffanyKristal in Oakland, California

74 months ago

Maybe you should try NCP, they have 2 campuses and have a high passing rate. Also go to page to find a school near you and to also see the nclex passing rates for these school. Any way it goes, if your going to go to a private school be prepared to spend alllllooooootttttttt of moneyyyyyy.

likes to help others

68 months ago

hi does anyone know of part time lvn vocational schools??? i work fulltime :(
any info would be appreciated :)

thank u
p.s no community colleges :)

likes to help others , bay area cali

68 months ago

oh sorry and close to bay area please

elena in San Francisco, California

68 months ago

I want to know if somebody can tel where is a school for LVN part time. Not Full time because i have to work to paid for school. Prefer in San Francisco i don't have car

Evgenija Stipic in Oakland, California

66 months ago

Can anybody let me know about a good private LVN school in San Francisco. I already have BS in Kinesiology, and would like to pursue nursing career. Also I just moved to the city and am looking for a school where I would be able to get a license ASAP? Let me know if you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate them.

previous unitek student in Union City, California

59 months ago

Unitek college actually wasn't that beneficial. Lots of flaws in the school, and a lot of wrong things happened to my class. Lab equiptment sucked (ie: our patient's heads kept falling off, the beds didn't work properly), and most of our teachers were new and didn't know how to teach. Their "counselors" that first lure you in are nothing but sales people, and get a comission for every student that they sign on. Clinicals were pretty far (the farthest being in Hollister) and in places that were soon closing due to a myriad of violations. Definately NOT worth your money.

sue in Oakland, California

43 months ago

Unitek in San Francisco, California said: Hi,

Get in touch with Unitek College in fremnot. They are good

UNITEK COLLEGE in Fremont is NOT GOOD at truly sucks!!!

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