Unitek Lvn program

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Diva224 in Roseville, California

55 months ago

Has anyone started this program or going to? Did you get good vibes from the sacramemto camps? Do the instructors know what there doing? Any info would be great thanks

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Diva224 in Roseville, California

55 months ago

I'm thinking about the trade school route only because I can't get the classes i need at the community colleges and I have a family in can't wait around for 5+years for classes it doesn't matter what career you have these days there's no jobs!

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agustinalovescats in California, California

46 months ago

If you don’t have 5 years to wait then Unitek College is your top choice, they don’t have a wait list so you won’t be waiting around for 5 years as your life passes you by. I don’t want to get into my horror stories on wait lists but honestly do these other schools think we are going to live forever??

I went to their vocational nursing program and now attending the LVN to RN. If you are alumni you get a discount so I was all over that! I also like that they offer the pre req’s online for their bridge program. It saves time and money in the long run.

Reps – very nice and take the time to answer all of your questions no matter how many times you call them. They even took the time to call me after my classes started every few months to see how I was doing.

Teachers – all pleasant and so very supportive. And believe me when I say they will probably become a friend for life, I don’t think I would of made it through without them. I even see past students coming back to visit at times. They take the time to backtrack if someone in the class isn’t getting it. All in all my group was able to grasp everything, which says a lot about a teacher and worth noting.

Students – there is an assortment of students ranging in age/male/female etc. They do offer nice class sizes, no over crowding. Everyone in the class got along too. Some of us even crammed in a Honda to get to class, we called it the Honda nursing crew share a ride initiative, and everyone pitched in for gas.

Uniforms– I looked good in the color so I wasn’t complaining!

Books – yeah there are many books we work out of – but I like their choices. I doubt I would ever sell my books, they are all highlighted up and I just may need to refer to them someday. I can loan you the books if you need them though!

Tests – the tests are difficult but what test isn’t may I ask?! It does help if you get together with some of the other people in your class to study.

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agustinalovescats in California, California

46 months ago


Campus – very clean and spacious - enough room to work in while you are training on all the equipment. And don’t let the equipment scare you, I was afraid of it but there is nothing to be afraid of and that’s why you are there to learn how to work everything.

Child care – no unfortunately they don’t offer it but help to locate some good companies. There are some people in my class that have sisters or friends that offer to sit for you while you are in class if you can't find a babysitter. Hopefully you get a class like that.

Parking – the parking lot is clean– I think they might have someone cleaning up the trash because I never see any litter – you also don’t have to walk that far to class. There is even a gas station across the street so if you need a quick snack before you pull into class.

Bathrooms - very clean and bright! Some schools I would not even think about using their bathroom but it gets an A in my book.

Well you wanted a review so I thought it was necessary to mention the bathrooms and parking!

Good luck to you and maybe I just might run into you one day!

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jenny in San Jose, California

22 months ago

Hi agustinalovescats
can you tell me which book they used so i can buy it ahead of time and cheapter in unitek.

please, thanks

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