LVN.. or CNA

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Diva22 in Roseville, California

35 months ago

i cant seem to find a job anywhere im a medical assistant so i wanted to go back to school i have a family and i need something thats going to be fast and not take years.... ive always wanted to be a RN so i thought i would do LVN to RN but im seeing theres alot of CNA jobs and no LVN..should i waste my money on LVN at a trade school then work towards RN.. or become CNA an work my way to RN?

Brian A. in Seattle, Washington

35 months ago

Either LVN or CNA would be a good first step towards an RN: practical field work prior to coursework will help you get accepted to programs as well as open up opportunities after getting your RN-- the job experience plus the co-worker network and references.
That said, CNA's get paid a lot better, and the programs are more thorough.

billy_penguin in Savannah, Georgia

35 months ago

There is always a need for CNAs and with a CNA license you will practically never be without a job. What are your goals? If you would like to be a RN as soon as possible, then you should look into an accelerated RN program. If you are looking to be a licensed nurse, then take the LPN or LVN program. If you want to get your foot in the door as soon as possible and eventually become a licensed or registered nurse, then take the CNA program. The CNA program can last either a few weeks or a few months depending on where you take it. LPN and RN programs are typically 18 month to 2 year programs.

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