Is the Associates in Nursing curriculum easy compared to the pre-med prerequsites?or same difficulty level?

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student in Port Neches, Texas

63 months ago

Please share your opinion and thoughts.

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DenimBlue in U.S.A., District of Columbia

57 months ago

No, there is absolutely NOTHING easy about Nursing. NOTHING. There literally isn't ONE aspect of Nursing that is easy. Do your research. Google "No nursing shortage" or "I hate nursing". Read stories from REAL nurses. If you're looking for a cake walk, RUN from Nursing. It is the most stressful and miserable field EVER.

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rhonda in Detroit, Michigan

42 months ago

Denim the OP was asking if the pre-nursing curriculum was easier compared to pre med classes. and I have to say yes, it is. But actually nursing school is not easy

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C.V. Compton Shaw in Renton, Washington

41 months ago

I hold a B.S. in Biochemistry and an Associate in Science in Nursing. The B.S. in Biochemistry degree is, probably, the most difficult of all undergraduate degrees with relatively few being granted through out the U.S.A.. However, grading is extremely objective and fair as per the emphasis is on "Science" and the "Scientific Method" which is based upon objectivity. As I understand it, much of the first two years of medical school involve further course work in the sciences much of which I completed in my B.S. Degree. Pre-Med courses involve courses like Organic Chemistry, Quantitative Analysis, Calculus I, Physics, and Biology. The "Pre-Med" courses, therefore, are significantly harder than the Nursing Curriculum courses which, usually only involve General Chemistry,Algebra, and General Biology. However, the science courses that Medical Students must take in Medical School are MUCH harder than that in nursing school. As I remember it, medical students must take a national exam in the sciences, after the first two years of medical school and pass the same BEFORE they can progress to the next two years of medical school.Unfortunately, while in medical school the scientific method and medical reasoning are strongly emphasized, the same is not the case in nursing which still clings to "Nursing Diagnoses" which, essentially, abandons the same medical reasoning and scientific method condemning nursing to lose it's standing as a profession as the application of knowledge through reasoning is one of the requisites of a profession.

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