certified nursing assistant

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sandy in Evansville, Indiana

99 months ago

this job is very stressful.you really have to like what you are doing.i like it because i like working one on one with residents.the pay is ok but cna's are not paid what they are worth.

sandy khan in Evansville, Indiana

97 months ago

it depends on what state you live in.in colorado wages are higher there.it also depends on how many years of experience you have as an aid.and as far as it being a noble profession,there is no shame is this line of work.you have to like doing this type of work.not everyone is suited for it.i think the only reason some might say they are ashamed of being a cna is simply because they think others will look down on them.i have been a cna for 10 years,i like taking care of others.when you can put a smile on somones face just by sitting and talking with them and knowing you have made a difference to them,then it's all worth while.don't let anyones negativity stop you from doing something you like.it takes a special kind of person to do this type of work.it is a stressful job at times,if your looking to get rich,then no it's not for you.you have to have compassion.there is more to this field of work than meets the public eye.you follow your heart and it will lead you in the right direction.i hope everything works out for you.

sandy khan in Evansville, Indiana

97 months ago

i wish you all the best and i hope you get to fulfill your dreams. and yes there is always overtime in this field.if you need anymore help with any questions please feel free to ask me. i will be more than happy to help. take care and god bless

serina gooden in Jacksonville, Florida

89 months ago

i have a paper that i need to write for school and i need to no why as a cna the job is streesful will you please help me on this

sandy khan in Evansville, Indiana

89 months ago

hi,i have worked as a cna since 1987. although the job is rewarding in itself,is becasuse you know what your doing for your residents is very important. but on the flip side all nursing homes are short staffed.the stress comes when the residents you have are totally dependant on you,and you know you can't be everywhere at one time.The state requires you to spend a certain amount of time with each one and it is impossibe to give the quality of care they deserve.The families of the residents often at times do not understand why mom or dad is not being waited on when they ring for help,it's not because the aid is ignoring them it is because like i said short of help and you cannot just walk away from the one you are attending to at the moment.i hope this answers some of your questions,and good luck on your project!


Patty in Baltimore, Maryland

89 months ago

If you're in the Philippines and are looking to come over to the united states, become a registered nurse, occupational or physical therapist. Trust these jobs are in demand over here and there's a shortage of nurses. You will have a better chance of becoming a nurse and getting work over here. The pay is horrible for nursing assistants and where you live at I'm sure that it's probably a joke.

sandy khan in Evansville, Indiana

88 months ago



Dahlia Schueller in Renville, Minnesota

87 months ago

I'm working as a CNA too here in MN, it's nice job, especially you help people on their activities of daily living. And i'm happy coz i'm going to start working as medication aid and hopefully I will be an LPN soon....

Aive in Key West, Florida

71 months ago

I worked with a children as a caregiver but I loved it though. yes sometimes is very stressfull but hey I get paid really good and I have free schooling for college.

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