Paying For OT School...

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Gina in Westerville, Ohio

56 months ago

I'm sure many of you are in the same boat as me...Here's the deal-I am already in about 30/40K debt from my undergraduate education. My only choice for the MOT might end up being a small, private, EXPENSIVE school. This could easily rack 70K more debt onto my burden. Relocation is not really an option but there is a state school that I could try to go to for a combined BS/MS in OT. The problem with this is I would have to wait an extra year and a half and take a bunch of prerequisites because there are a lot more for the state program. For the private school I am good to go and ready to start Fall. Any advice?

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Arian in Fair Oaks, California

55 months ago

How cheaply can you live? For me, if I had a $65,000 salary, I would try to make due on $40,000 of it (including taxes out of this amount). That is what many people live on. The rest could go to student loans.

If you are willing to live cheaply your first few years when you graduate, then you could go to that expensive school.

Some ideas for living cheaply:

- rent a room from a family member.

- live in a studio apartment.

- live on spouse's income only, put your income toward paying off debt.

- move to a cheaper area. Live in a tiny apartment or mobile home there.

- Get a prn job for the weekend.

- Babysit.

- Wait to have (more) kids.

You may not be able to get into a BS/MS program because many state schools are not accepting applicants for second bachelor's degrees.

I would go for the private school. You will have an extra year to make money. Use that money to pay for your student loans.

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