new beginning, need a change in my life

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MARY WALTENBERRY in ripon, Wisconsin

94 months ago

I saw the ad for package handler on the internet and it is something challenging, which is up my alley. nursing is a wonderful field, but 39 years is enough for me. I am a person that can handle stress aand love to work. I would give the company a 150 percent.

joseresto in Bay Shore, New York

93 months ago

hi .well i am lookin 4 p/t or f/t at nite.warehouse work.i have hilo learner .53

Irina Chetvertukhin in Green Bay, Wisconsin

88 months ago

yea! i will be a mother and so i'm looken for a job, and i do need money cause my husband can't find a good job, and i just had to live my job even dow they wont me back its " big apple baguls". And i loved it. Except my husband started to worry about me so then he told me come on quite your job and find a home job. And i knew its well be hard, but wen i came her to this library, i wet to this webside and i found this package handler, and i don't really now how it works but i'm welling to resk my life, if i have to. cause we are low on our finiance.

harvey mcivor in Montgomery, Alabama

88 months ago

whats your hours of shifts.

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