Wells fargo/ High school diploma???

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Jesse in Bloomington, Illinois

68 months ago

I have a group interview next week, i would like to know if not having a high school diploma would prevent me from getting a job there. What would prevent me from gettina job there? What do they check for in the backround check? Should i even bother to go??? Thanks for your help guys.

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jobs in Schaumburg, Illinois

66 months ago

I would agree, it's hard to get a job without a High School diploma but it is not end of the world. You can get GED, which is not hard. Just study for GED, take the test and you won't have a problem. Just a little bit off topic but I would strongly suggest for you to go to community college because in the future, you'd need more money for your family.


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elrolony in Webster, New York

57 months ago

KICK@ss in Garland, Texas said: STFU

I agree, although a HS diploma and a college Degree better your chances of getting a better paying job, in today's world... its not a must. I do not have either one, im 33, I have worked for 3 fortune 500 public companies and have done very well. I own a home in Charlotte NC and in NY, married, a kid on the way and my wife will be staying home with our child. FAR FROM WORKING AT McDs. I have traveled the world and have had experiences that few get to have. I know people with Masters degrees, and all the schooling in the world, and they cant point out Iraq on a map, think for themselves, or get out of their own way to say the least. F this prick and dont let him tell you what you can or cant do. You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to, you just have to want it bad enough and work hard.

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Jesse in Dallas, Texas

55 months ago

Its been nearly a year since I put this up, and I DID get hired as a banker you ignorant douche bag! I'm attending culinary school to be a pastry chef to help my dad in his Bakery. So I'm doing quite well, and guess what???? NO HS DIPLOMA. not saying don't finish HS, but for those of you who had it rough and find yourselves in this situation just WORK YOUR BUTTS OFF and you will be successful.

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need to work in Spokane, Washington

50 months ago

morah in Tucson, Arizona said: thanks so much i have my background check coming soon so it helps to know that i dont need a HSD to get the jobs i have tons of sales experience and i know thats why they offered me the job. good luck with your jobs as a pastry chef.

Hey there, can you please tell me if you were hired after the background check?

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Candace in Desoto, Texas

33 months ago

Wow congratulations! I am to be 23, a widow and now a single mother. I don't have my HSD or GED and that's been holding me back from applying at a hospital a bank or places like that. I have a lot of customer service experience I just want to save my self from the embarrassment. This kind of made me feel a little better. I have a friend who works at parkland in admitting and can get me a job but she doesn't know I didn't graduate. I don't want her to find out by her referring me and her boss telling her I dont have a HSD. This post does make me feel better about things though. I'm so glad you got the job! Btw I'm also from Dallas so it kinda hit home lol!

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