?Part-time job for PBs or other sources of additional income?

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beantownbanker in Boston, Massachusetts

77 months ago

Given the relative low commission plans offered at most banks, what options do Personal Bankers have to bring in additional income? Part-time job? Part-time business? Obviously ideas that don't create a conflict of interest with the bank or with customers would be most helpful.


indybankerwannabe in Indianapolis, Indiana

56 months ago

there are several places you can work that won't conflict with the bank. I work for a bank and one of the girls got a job working part time nights at taco bell. Another teller had a second job working security at night. The best thing to do would be to bring it up to your manager and see if they have any suggestions. Another option would be to check around and see if maybe another financial institution would pay more and solve the money problem without getting a second job!

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