Top personal banker skills needed to get the job.

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What are the top 3 traits or skills every personal banker must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your personal banker expertise?

Mike in Atlanta, Georgia

102 months ago

1. People skills
2. Orginazational skills
3. Product knowledge and being able to relate that to client needs

It depends on what bank your at but being able to sell the entire products, loan products and banking products, really helps.

tiffany clark in Carrollton, Alabama

86 months ago

what are skills for a banker

bobj in Tucson, Arizona

68 months ago

Can someone who has been in financial services for 4-5 years and is fully licensed get a PB job relatively easily?

williamdefalco in Austin, Texas

68 months ago

bobj in Tucson, Arizona said: Can someone who has been in financial services for 4-5 years and is fully licensed get a PB job relatively easily?

You should be at least put into the front of the line when it comes to your application. Right now with this high unemployment rate, Banks (as are all other companies out there) are refining their choice of applicants to people who have worked either in the Financial services industry or in Banking itself. They for the most part want people with previous experience, not someone they'll have to train from scratch.

Your licenses especially help as the Bank would not have to pay for them, only to transfer them.

williamdefalco in Austin, Texas

68 months ago

The strategies are the usual stuff that most successful Bankers do:

- lots of calls each day, whether it's cold calling for new customers or revisiting old clients for new business from themselves or friends/family members for appointments
- visiting nearby businesses in order to network
- working with the walk-in clientele in order to turn servicing in new sales opportunities
- working with tellers to recognize sales opportunities from their servicing
- ALWAYS having an upbeat, will-succeed attitude during the day, and not let trivial things like lunch/breaks get in the way of a successful day. Believe me, a good Banker is someone whose last worry of the day is what time lunch is.

Not a Personal Banker in Lehi, Utah

30 months ago

Kristalssss in Lehigh Acres, Florida said: B a personal banker is sucks, it's one of the worst job ever! you have to put off with a lot of BS from clients and managers!! I can't wait to finish my Bachelor Degree in HR and get offstupid banking job!! Good luck with all of those that wants to become a Banker!!

Kristalssss, I think you have demonstrated why you are having such a hard time as a personal banker and why you are failing. All the best.

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