How much does your bag weigh??

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Janet4 in Joelton, Tennessee

110 months ago

I've pulled a cart for too long and have permanent nerve damage to my right arm. worker's comp was denied and disability says I'm not eligible for reimbursement because my experience was specific to my employer. They say pharma sales is classified by the gov't's dictionary of occupational titles as "light duty" which means industry-wide, the majority of reps supposedly only "move" up to 10 lbs frequently (2.5hrs-5 hrs per day) and occasionally up to 20lbs. This job description was determined in 1977, I guess before we started handing out clocks and textbooks, and took breakfast, lunch and snack to an office every day, on top of our samples, literature, pens and sticky pads.

Am I crazy or did I really see the rest of you carrying/pulling well over 10lbs every day?? Mine was more like 40lbs when you counted the laptop I brought in.

So, I'm trying to prove that it wasn't just my company, and that it's a change in job description industry-wide. Weigh your bag/cart/laptop, etc. next time you're in an office and please tell me how much all of it weighs. It was always a running joke among reps about how much we schlepped around. Has anyone else faced this? Any suggestions? Someone, please help me verify this.

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dangib34 in Morristown, Tennessee

107 months ago

I love your posting it is very interesting, while I cannot help you verify this I am interested in starting a career in pharmaceutical sales. I have a proven sales background, a B.S. in Organizational Management, and graduated with a 3.73 GPA. I am wondering what company you are with and where your territory is located? My e-mail is and look forward to hearing from you

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jens in Saddle River, New Jersey

106 months ago

My boyfriend is a sales rep for the pharm. company I work for (I'm in the labs) and his bag is about as much as yours at about 40 lbs. I would contact an attorney. Keep us updated on this!

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Enlightened in Madison, Virginia

103 months ago

Lunch, sticky pads, does that help a patient again? Maybe you should be like the other pharma reps i know and carry a golf bag instead. Puhlease.

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CU Tiger in Florence, South Carolina

94 months ago

joe in jacksonville (who cant spell his name right 2x's in a row) and enlightened moron in virginia, it is so apparent that you both are extremely jealous that you were never able to land it in the pharamaceutical sales industry. maybe it was a lack of education for joe in jacksonville or lack of personality to the enlightened one in virginia; either way...GET OVER IT!!!!

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SoBeMeland@*****.*** in Miami Beach, Florida

43 months ago

I also have a nerve problem after 18 years carrying two bags one on each arm,and while pulling a wheeled cart. The computer weighs 10lbs (more with back up battery). I am having the same problem with the insurance company. They have NO CLUE to the weight load we carry. It is at least 40 lbs! How did your case work out? I am supposed to return to work in spite of the nerve damage and my pain. Suffering

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