first 60 day plan

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ani in Fresno, California

95 months ago

I came from an interview process with a pharma company and
they asked me what was my first 60 day plan for there drug meanswhat basically i am gng to do in first 60 days,if i amhired today.donot worry about company strategy..please reply as soon as possible

Bob in Willow Spring, North Carolina

90 months ago

This will help prepare you for whatever they throw at you in future interviews

wister mitchelson in Ruckersville, Virginia

89 months ago

Is 4-5 years inside and outside retail sales suffeicient enough experience to apply for pharmacutical sales jobs?

Bob in Willow Spring, North Carolina

89 months ago

Your resume will get you the interview. How well you do at the interview will determine if you get the job. Be Prepared

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