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Lester in Los Angeles, California

63 months ago

i am about to take the PTCB exam in a few months from now, how hard is it to get a pharm tech job here in Southern California for someone who does not have any prior experience in the pharmacy field.? Thank you for your feed back.

jkafigian in virginia beach, Virginia

63 months ago

VIOLET PALAKIKO in Honolulu, Hawaii said: Any idea's on how to keep up the materials learned in this field, can't get hired as a tech without experience, absolutely sure ill forget everything i learned, working in another field right now (need to survive). I truely believe if you don't use it you'll lose it.

hey! im going to say dont you worry. you have to keep trying. trying and trying and trying is the key. dont give up. i was certified and without experience and it took me about 6 months to get a decent position - but it was worth it. every chance you get, throw yourself at oppurtunity. you have to start somewhere!

Lester in Anaheim, California

63 months ago

anyone from So. Cal area who's certified without any work experience care to share his/her job hunting experiences. much appreciate.

Monalisa in Orlando, Florida

63 months ago

People from Orlando,fl certified but no experience?Please post your job hunting experiences..Thanks

Geniee in Bell, California

46 months ago

oh dear it seems us no experience people aren't getting too much luck eh? now i regret paying for that exam...

Jenn in La Mirada, California

46 months ago

it's about who you know not about what you know these days in pharm tech field

PhyliciaP in los angeles, California

46 months ago

I'm in the same boat. It seems they want you licensed and with a year experience

Paul in La Mesa, California

33 months ago

Have you guys tried taking the Continuing Education and putting it on your resume?

Destiny in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

30 months ago

Paul in La Mesa, California said: Have you guys tried taking the Continuing Education and putting it on your resume?

how does that help to land an interview?

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