How to PROPERLY quit my pharmacy technician job?

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Scapegoat Technician in Chicago, Illinois

38 months ago

I am a pharmacy technician I work in a small pharmacy inside a hospital (retail pharmacy) about 120 scripts a day on average...We only have 2 technicians ( myself and the other woman who has been there for 7 years)...I'm still relatively new just shy of 3 months...I'm planing on quieting due to conflicting personality issues with the other technician...(she's miserable and sucks the life out of the day when she is around in return she puts me in bad mood and I feel like I'm walking on eggshells when she is around). I'm currently seeking for other employment and as soon as I get a new job offer I'm gonna dance my way out of that question is how do I go about letting my pharmacist and the pharmacy director know about my resignation. I kinda feel quietly because they really do need me there...and now that I'm at the 3 month mark and just finish the majority of training...they will have to go though the hassle of training a new person. And honestly I'm a very tough skin person I think it's going to be very hard for them to keep a new technician around due to the conflicting personality of the lead tech.

How do I approach my explanation of resigning on them?


38 months ago


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