How do I become Pharmacy Tech in a hospital?

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britt1989 in Palm Coast, Florida

41 months ago

Hi I have no experience as a Pharmacy Tech and was wondering the process of becoming one. I have wanted to become one for so long and to work in a hospital. I know that I need to be certified and might need some experience before working in a hospital. I really wanted to take an online program to have some knowledge of the field then become state certified. What schools are accredited in the state of Fl? preferably and online school since I work. I just want to be aware of the steps I have to take. Thanks for your help.

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malickmboumoh in Miami, Florida

41 months ago

hello Britt1989 . Well being a pharmacy technician in a Hospital without any prior experience is not impossible but really really hard to get. I will talk to you about me first of all. I went to a pharmacy technician school and I spent about $15,000 after than I make less than $12. I have been working as a pharmacy technician for more than 2 years already. I am working for one of the biggest retail pharmacy in the country. If your online course doesn't cost much do it but keep in mind you wont have great a salary when you done right away. Especially here in Florida the pay is not that good compare to others states as New-York, California and others. You may even make less money when you become a pharmacy technician unless you get a job at the hospital which requires retail experience and hospital. Trust me I still looking to get a job in a hospital but is not easy . I am certified and registered pharmacy technician. Right now I am taking my pre-requisites classes to get into pharmacy school. Think about it first. If you really want to do pharmacy technician try to get the job in a retail pharmacy they will train you.

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Kureitondes in Nashville, Tennessee

39 months ago

I agree with Malick, work in a retail pharmacy and get the training. My first job was in a pharmacy as a cashier and when they were busy would ask for help. That turned into being a tech and has helped me over the years. Hospitals are a different animal. I have a BBA, CPhT, and PMP yet no calls are ever received for hospitals despite my experience in managing inventory and IT support for dispensing technologies similar to Pixys. Not impossible but very difficult. Long term care is a good option if you don't want to work in a retail environment. It's a combination of pharmacy and office so you get the best of both worlds.

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shannagarza69 in Hollister, California

9 months ago

What do I need to study for getting hired in a hospital as a pharmacy techjician. Please tell me in full detail on what material, practice test, websites that I can obtain on receiving my nationals. I have my license from the California State Board of Pharmacy, I want to provide more for my family, and I'm a single parent. I'm not working right now and I don't want to forget the stuff I've learned. Please help me, I need specifics.

Thank you,
Shanna Garza

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