Meditec online school Pharmacy Technician realtime review

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Rara in Napoli, Italy

52 months ago

I'm writing this because I had previously searched high and low for a comprehensive review of the online program they offer for Pharmacy tech certification. Now I had this course payed for through financial aid, and so I allowed myself the risk of bad quality. This "school" isn't accredited but that's OK in this case I'm just getting certified and you don't need formal schooling to take the test.
The coursework SMH. I have found several errors in their online coursework as well as their textbooks. I have emailed my instructor about the errors and while she does answer my questions and confirm my findings, she makes sure to feed me the line "Our production team has no control over publisher errors" In the fine print it also states that they are not responsible for errors in what they actually produce themselves either. The textbooks I was mailed were published in 2010 and that is plenty long enough to find these errors. The list of drugs they expect me to memorize is a little outdated. The audio lectures are hard to listen to because I have a background in Biology and they have either over simplified a process or had it wrong.

As for the school itself they have an incentive for students to recruit new students by a referral system. Where you get 100 bucks for each person you get to sign up. The online school is tailored to catching military spouses attention. If you look up Meditec on facebook you can scroll through 100s of pages of previous/current students who are trying to grab recruits.
Why did I STILL enroll? so you don't have to ;)
If you have zero background in Pharmacy and aren't apt to cramming before taking the national certification test look elsewhere for schooling.
TL:DR Skip Meditec

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