What are typical pipefitter salaries?

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Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

tjm in Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania

78 months ago

Host said: Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

a pipefitter/welder is 35.00 hr in wilkes barre/scranton pa

Larry A Robinson

62 months ago

Regret to inform you that the local work is almost nonexistent. Smurfit Stone, a large paper mill in Missoula just shut down and it was our primary heavy industry in the local area. Billings has refinery work. If you want a good job in Montana you travel to work.

JB in Shingle Springs, California

52 months ago

My husband works so hard. Yes, we live well but not only, trading hours for dollars, it is hard work with some health risks. My son is 7 and wants so badly to be like his a dad and his dad's dad. We say of course you can be a pipe fitter but you first you will go to college, then decide to join the trades. Either way your golden and will only be 27 years old with many more opportunities within the trade.

My thoughts, hope they help! Good Luck-

jonoler in Prattville, Alabama

52 months ago

works drying up out there.i was a traveler for 30 years.you that got jobs you know you want to keep it.those who don't ,well they want one..this is a dying industry.America is no longer building for the economy.it has been shipped over seas.the 70's 80's some 90's were great.then it seem to drop off the grid.maybe some maintaince jobs out there,but nothing like the booming days.study computers or something thats the only way you might have a chance in this age.itt kinda stuff..good luck

Mike in Magog, Quebec

43 months ago

Rob in Calgary, Alberta said: Here in Alberta, they where getting desperate for qualified tradesman and a lot of company's instituted a "Bounty" program. If you could get someone you know hired on, you would get $500 for an apprentice and $1000 for a journeyman. In our case being a gas compressor shop, we needed welders, pipefitters, instrumentation techs & electricians. I thought it was just the energy sector that was doing the bounty program but talking to my uncle in Edmonton, he said they had the same thing in his cabinet making shop. plus he knew a lot of autobody shops where doing the same. Seems a lot of their workers tried there luck in the better paying energy industry.

Biggest reason for the shortage of tradesman they figured was because kids where being encouraged to go to post secondary education and avoid the trades. For a few years prior to the recession hitting, trade representatives where going to the high schools to try and convince them that trades is a viable alternative. I would say they had some limited success with that. We did end up getting a few guys fresh out of school willing to try an apprenticeship. Unfortunately, they must of been told that they where set for life once they got hired on because for the most part, they had huge attitude problems and quite often, where missing time on a regular basis with some pretty ridiculous excuses. The frustrating part of it was that we couldn't lay these troublemakers off. Our HR department wouldn't let us. Of course once the recession started to have it's affect up here, that all changed. Those snot nosed kids are gone with "never to be re-hired" tags by their names. Things are starting to ramp up pretty good and they are once again forecasting a huge shortage in tradesman coming up in the next few years. Wages are great. Very sporadic business though so be prepared for the slow downs.

HI Rob and THANKS for writing that...Can I have your email to contact you pls?

ChicagoToMaine in Biddeford, Maine

42 months ago

Does anyone know what the options are for someone who is in the union (out of Chicago) but needs to leave the state for 2 years or so? Is it possible to pay dues from afar and then rejoin a union shop when you get back?

fitter in Los Angeles, California

40 months ago

David Gallegos in Corpus Christi, Texas said: i've been fitting for about 10 years. i have my nccer and twic cards.I needto find work. i am currently in corpus christi texas but will travel. please letme know. thanks

west con based out of bizmark north dakota has a lot of work right now give them a call

kosowan2 in Grande Prairie, Alberta

39 months ago

Demars in Alberta said: In the oil and gas in Canada you can make 40-50K as a labourer. $22 starting, $25 first year, $29 second year, $44 as journeyman. Not a union job. No guaranteed hours. Summer can be slow (which has its advantages), but don't book any holidays in the winter. 90 hours per WEEK are not uncommon and days off are few and far between. I'm relatively new and the most I've worked is 107 hours in a week and 53 days straight. Pretty crumby social life! $150 K for a journeyman in a BUSY year, but it obviously has some drawbacks. Oh ya, it usually drops to -30 or -40 F for a few days every winter
Working in canada has so many perks though ! Sure its cold but its good pay , huge amounts of hours in winter 100 + and you can't beat the people you work with, its been really nice this winter though in rainbow lake alberta !

hphujambo5312@gmail.com in Richmond, Virginia

37 months ago

I'm not sure what to do...to start with, I'm 58 yo!
I've read ALL the listing from skilled pipefitters; and it sounds like a somewhat good employment career.
Problem: I have a shot (interview) for a position as an entry-level pipefitter. I do have a Bachelors degree in management and working on my Masters in project management. Last employment opportunity was in IT, but unfortunately, company let me go because I didn't have the 'certifications' required for computer help desk/service technician. I'm 'financially challenged' right now, and even though I require employment/money, my though is to take the pipefitters employment (if offered). My issue is it sounds like hard work (90+/hrs/wk), and I'm past that, but willing to do what's necessary to live. Will still pursue my Masters degree and the IT certifications.I'm so confused, need feedback. Thanks!

g perez in Chicago Ridge, Illinois

16 months ago

kosowan2 in Grande Prairie, Alberta said: Working in canada has so many perks though ! Sure its cold but its good pay , huge amounts of hours in winter 100 + and you can't beat the people you work with, its been really nice this winter though in rainbow lake alberta !

I need info on trying to get work in canada as a welder. Any suggestions?

mako88sb in Calgary, Alberta

16 months ago

The only welding positions that you might have a chance with due to supply and demand are the pressure welding jobs that are regulated by ABSA:


I'm not sure how it works for welders outside of Canada but I imagine you would first have to successfully challenge the Alberta Journeyman Welder exam plus the Red Seal certification before you could even attempt to do the actual B Pressure Ticket test. There is a list of equivalency pressure tickets for other provinces so I guess the best thing to do is to see if your state has something compatible to any of them:


Aside from that, I really can't see how anybody with lesser qualifications could hope to get a job without actually immigrating to Canada. Although we have a severe shortage of tradesman that seems to be getting worse every year, non B-pressure welding jobs is definitely not in that category.

I should mention that there is another thread in the Pipefitters job forum titled "Alberta Canada" that should give you an idea of the frustrations some of you folks from the USA have gone through trying to get employment up here in Canada. It's too bad because pipefitting is one trade that there is definite a shortage of trained people and I much rather see jobs go to you guys rather then allow immigrants from some countries that have a pretty piss poor attitude about adopting Canadian culture.

ezra in Johannesburg, South Africa

14 months ago

I'm been working in piping for 10 year in cpt I must R52 an hour to work hard its not ryt

justin in Waukegan, Illinois

12 months ago

tjm in Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania said: a pipefitter/welder is 35.00 hr in wilkes barre/scranton pa

looking to mobve out that way are you in a union shop or no

Diana Willett in Las Vegas, Nevada

12 months ago

Average Pipefitter Salary is $48000

ezra in South Africa

12 months ago

Mike in Magog, Quebec said: HI Rob and THANKS for writing that...Can I have your email to contact you pls?

I would luv to work over seas I'm a pipefitter bt need help getting a job ther

Amory Roberson in Burbank, Illinois

8 months ago

Help me get a job please! !!!!

Tyler Gerold in Texas

6 months ago

A lot of companies pay different wages. According to the Department of Labor and Statistics the average income of a pipefitter is like $28,000 to $74,000 or something like that. I don't know where all these low paying companies are. The companies I've always worked for start there helpers out at $18 and hour, but they work 70 to 80 hours a week, get payed double for overtime, and get $75 a day per diem. And that's the bottom rung! I'm not a top earning pipefitter in my company, but my cousin is and he told me he brought home almost $185,000 last year! Although he may be (probably is) exaggerating a bit. www.pipefitternation.com/ has a info on all the questions your asking. They even have a list of skills every pipefitter should try to develop.

victor rodriguez in Houston, Texas

6 months ago

can you guide me in the direction to becoming a pipe fitter I'm 26 so the five year apprentice ship kind of worries me , I'm thinking of taking a 5 week certification course in alvin community college , but what do they ask of you when u join a union and how do you find a job at a company like yours

Daniel59123 in corpus christi, Texas

2 months ago

Im in the same situation as you. Im 23 and been a truck driver for the last three years and have been thinking about going to get certified in pipefitting at the local craft center. Did u end up taking that certification course? If so how has your job search gone so far?

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