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JoeBobJr in Lolita, Texas

75 months ago

I've always worked in areas where a resume was never really required. I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out how to do a resume. I have even bought resume software and it has pipefitters in the software where it fills out all the stuff for you, but it's mostly all plumber stuff which I don't do. I'm an industrial pipefitter. I fit carbon, and stainless pipe whether it's butt welds or socket welds. I've never done a resume before so this is kicking my butt. Would anyone out there be willing to send me a copy of their resume so I can get some ideas? If so I'd greatly appreciate it! You can email them to I'm mainly looking for actual pipefitter resumes with the same type of craft I am doing.

JoeBobJr in Lolita, Texas

74 months ago

are you serious absolutely no pipefitters out there with a decent resume I can take a look at?

Chadc in Alvin, Texas

64 months ago

Did you ever get a copy of a pipefitter's resume? I am in need of the same thing if you wouldnt mind sharing it with me.

JoeBobJr in Lolita, Texas

64 months ago

Sure haven't man not one ever replied how you like that?

Larry A Robinson in Missoula, Montana

63 months ago

Well gee whiz, no resume'. Contact your BA and have the hall secretary help you out. That's what he is there for, to sell your work, easy as cake and piece of pie!! Plus your Business Agent will have all your verifiable experience and education. If you have skills lacking for the position you seek your training co ordinator will be able to help you get thet training through UA schools and other halls, which are mostly free.

PS Do you really think I would send a copy of my resume' to someone I don't know, on line, with the screen name JoeBobJr? Duh, good luck man.

Scot in State College, Pennsylvania

55 months ago

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