Industrial Pipe Fitting Versus Maritime Pipe Fitting

Comments (3) in Guild, Tennessee

84 months ago

I am a journeyman pipe fitter. I have been fitting for 5 years on the industrial side of fitting, such as refineries, ethanol plants, paper mills, etc. I have decided to take on a shipyard job. I can pass most any fitters test on the industrial side, but I am a little worried about taking a fitters test on the maritime side. I am assuming pipe fitting is pipe fitting, regardless of where it is. What differences in the test should I expect? I have heard the prints are different in maritime from industrial, if so, in what ways? I served several years in the Navy, aboard Navy vessels, and I am familiar with the compartmentation of ships, but that's about it. If anybody has any answers and comments about what I should expect, I would appreciate it. Thanks, Larry P.

guru4u1973 in Corpus Christi, Texas

75 months ago

Great question , I am an Industrial fitter, but all the jobs seem to be in the ship yards. I'm wondering how different it would be.

Eric in Addison, Texas

62 months ago

Google various phrases related to Maritime+pipe+fitter / really think about all of the ways to ask or say it.

Here is a link, I hope this points you in the right direction.

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