If accepted should I accept ?

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Unknown in Shoals, Indiana

64 months ago

Well guys I have a bit of an odd question. I've been accepted for a final interview after passing my local UA's tests with very high scores. I've heard some guys say that if you do well on the interview then you stand a good chance of getting the apprenticeship oppurtunity.

I wanted to get some opinions from maybe some guys that have worked in the Indiana area. Right now I have a steady job with the possibility of very good oppurtunitys in the near future (2 years) that i somewhat fell into by luck. But ever since I was a little kid (im only 18 now) I've wanted to be a welder along with being apart of the brotherhood just as my father was.

As some of you may know Gov. Daniels, a man who I don't understand at all signed the right to work bill here in Indiana. I haven't found many recent posters talking about employment here in the rust belt states to much. How is right to work going to affect Indiana ? Would I be dumb now to leave my current employer if I am accepted for the apprenticeship ? What's your guys outlook on union in the near future ? I feel in a way we are starting to pull out of this what seems to be never ending recession, or is that my imagination ? My current local requires 8500 hours on the job in the 5 year apprenticeship. Is the work even there ?

I know I may be getting a little ahead of myself but I've always been one to want to know or Atleast try to figure out what lies ahead.

Thanks For reading and any input is appreciated!

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