Top quality control manager skills needed to get the job.

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What are the top 3 traits or skills every quality control manager must have to excel?

Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your quality control manager expertise?

R. dufus in Phoenix, Arizona

92 months ago

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Ted Rieheman in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

91 months ago


GW in Radcliff, Kentucky

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Ted Rieheman in Poplar Bluff, Missouri

91 months ago

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GW in Elizabethtown, Kentucky

91 months ago

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d in S. Maine in Elkin, North Carolina

72 months ago

Thank you, finally someone with something useful.. Much appreciated1

B. Kumar in Cambridge, Wisconsin

68 months ago

All varies from company to company. Are we talking about technical skills or survivor skills? Also depends on company culture. I have seen technically qualified people not doing well at the same time non-quaified person doing weel (no one in company can figure that out).

So, It is all RELATIVE.

R. Drefus in Phoenix, Arizona

68 months ago

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Clayton Ely in Gulfport, Mississippi

66 months ago

1. Quality Experience
2. Quality Knowledge
3. People Skills

I would think you need all three. Especially the third one, People Skills. If
you do not possess People Skills, you will just continue to keep everyone pissed off at you and your department.

lobos in Hartsdale, New York

63 months ago in Berkley, Michigan said: Hi,

The three things you will need are:

1. Technical quality skills and experience.
2. Leadership
3. Customer Focus

ASQ (American Society for Quality would be a great starting place to learn more.

I hope this helps you out.

Mark Willar

Does ASQ accreditation outweighs or has more credibilty than local/state colleges that may be offering the program?

Avogel in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

60 months ago

In my opinion,the order should be:
#1 is Customer Focus.
#2 is Leadership: It is the key to growth within the company, and you will need influence.
#3 is Technical quality skills and experience.
#4 is Teamwork: Most everything in Quality relies on multi departmental teams. Quality Policies, goal and objectives of the company rely on teams to accomplish.
APQP is team oriented.
Problem solving is team oriented as well.

47 months ago

alas all these are, is opinions need people who humm... might do say highering of people who acualy do that job.

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