Difficulty finding receptionist jobs

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Marcie in Davis Junction, Illinois

48 months ago

I am 32 yrs old and since I was 18 I have been working in factories and warehouses. I have been at my current factory job for 8 yrs, and I hate it. The whole time I have been trying to transition into an office setting. I have taking Microsoft Word and Excel courses and that doesn't help apparently. I have literally sent hundreds of resumes over 8 yrs to try to get out of my current job. I don't understand it. I live in near Rockford Illinois and at the Rockford pain clinic the receptionists sit doing crossword puzzles and reading books. What the hell is wrong with this picture? I really don't care about the pay, my pain is out of control and I need to get off my feet. Then I see these lazy ass receptionists doing crossword puzzles and reading and it really pisses me off because I have been trying so hard to get into this line of work and I see this. What do employers want?? They want experience yet no one is willing to hire me to give me experience. I've asked St. Anthony and Swedish American hospitals, Kishwaukee college if i could volunteer work and none of them accept it!!! I am getting so weary and beat down I just want to give up. I just need one break. I have been struggling with pain for 16 yrs and I am so tired.

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