Why do I think it's so hard finding a receptionist position?

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PeeGee in Franklin, Kentucky

27 months ago

1. Location, location, location. I live in Franklin, KY. Work in Bowling Green, KY where most of the jobs in this field if any are. Jobs are few & far between in this area. I have an Indeed.com alert for jobs in the large California city where I grew up just for giggles & grins & I receive at least 20 per day. However you would think that there would be more work in Bowling Green--it is the third largest city in KY. Just not diverse enough. Too much factory & service sector--fast food, restaurant, hospitality industry & not much white collar. Mark Twain said "When the world comes to an end, I want to be in Kentucky because it's always 20 years behind the times!" 'Splains it all!
2. Age. I am 49 Female. When they say they are looking for a "dynamic" individual on the job description, that means young! I no longer bother with those. Yeah, over 30 years experience in customer service & clerical, can work circles around that young blonde college age size 4 sweater with double D's underneath. I certainly would stick around longer--stability apposed to her transient nature when school's out, she moves on. Aaah, but it's mostly about image. This is a job where you greet the public.
3. Can't understand why some of these receptionist jobs ask for an Associates or Bachelors degree. I am half way to Associates. I am going to finish it this year. But I have learned that still does not guarantee I will find steady work.
I am currently working a 3 month temporary position...
For the same tax accountant during tax time that I worked for last year...I had no other work in between!
What a crap shoot! I joke that my resume gives my title as Professional Employment Seeking Specialist...PESS for short which could be short for pessimist!...

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