Cell Biologist... what other options are there?

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R in Woodbury, New Jersey

71 months ago

I have a BS in Biology and have >15 years experience in academia and industry research and development. I have been unemployed or underemployed for the last year. I am in the Philadelphia area, and unable to move due to being underwater on my house.
My question is what other job options do I have right now? I have applied to >2000 jobs in the last year gotten maybe 3 calls. I am working part time for a former boss not benefits and the job is really taking a toll on me mentally.
Does anyone have any suggestions????

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Margaret in Peabody, Massachusetts

70 months ago

I'm in a similar situation here in MA, out of work a year and had only a few interviews. I also have >15 years experience and own two properties, so I am not very mobile at this time. There are many jobs listed in the Boston and Cambridge area but many are for fairly new grads or post-Docs. Some companies have also been listing the same jobs for months, are interviewing but aren't hiring.

If you have applied to >2000 jobs and only gotten 3 calls it leads me to believe that maybe your resume &/or cover letter could be an issue. Nearly all resumes these days are scanned for keywords. If there are none or few your resume won't even make the first cut. After that a hiring manager or HR person may read it. That's when style and actual wording comes into play. Do you have some friends who can read your resume and give you feedback?

Get on linkedin.com too. I've connected with many former co-workers, friends and recruiters that way. It has really helped me get more calls in the last few months. Do whatever you can to stay visible, even if it's only online now.

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SFworkerbee in South San Francisco, California

64 months ago

R in Woodbury, New Jersey said: I have a BS in Biology and have >15 years experience in academia and industry research and development .

Have you considered starting as a contractor through an agency? Usually little to no benefits but the hourly rate can be better because of that. I started with a company making $28/hr, now I get $30/hr with paid holidays. It is a good way to get your foot in the door and maybe a permanent opportunity will come up if you like the company.

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