the struggle of findding a job at the age of 19 when you have no previous job experience

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kevin martin in Fresno, California

98 months ago

can any one assist me or give me some pointers

Aaron in Elmsford, New York

97 months ago

Wear a blazer, shined shoes, dress like you are going to a formal event, but lose the tie. Works well when applying at retail stores. You're not over dressing.

cindy in Chicago, Illinois

90 months ago

fingure out how to spell finding

concerned in Columbia, Mo. in Columbia, Missouri

90 months ago

Sell yourself, when asked what are you strong points, or why you feel you should be hired, feel confident in what you can do. Reply, I am capable of doing anything with the right training, or I will be new at this, but if given the chance and training, I will be an asset to your company. Believe in yourself!

bolingo in Houston, Texas

89 months ago

go to walmart in Cambridge, Massachusetts

84 months ago

I was able to find a job even though I do have a little experience. The biggest thing is to sell yourself, and look/act confident, especially when you speak. Make sure you tell them your strong points. Also don't forget to dress business/professional and make sure you throw a smile in...this is always a plus! ~Good luck~ I'm sure you'll find a job if you're motivated enough....

Steve Grisham in Marysville, Washington

82 months ago

You probably have experience in what the employer is looking for. The first step is identifying what they want. And it's easier than you think.

If you responded to an advertisement for the position, look for keywords and phrases that tell you what's key to them. For example, do they say the position is fast paced? You can bet you'll need to tell them how you stay organized, how you prioritize, delegate and follow up (when appropriate). There are likely experiences in your life that you can draw on to demonstrate your success in this area. If there aren't then start now by creating those types of things around you. For example, is there a place you can volunteer that will give you the opportunity to develop this skill?

After you've identified what needs the employer has, and you've completely created a menu of items you offer to fill those needs, practice...practice...practice. Get someone to help you or video tape a mock interview. You'll learn a lot about how you communicate.

This should get you started in the right direction.

Best of luck,
Steve Grisham
Interview Coach

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